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Never Forever 1.0

It's the week for solo scenarios, I guess... Here's a four-level spinoff of the Bungie universe. Map design is quite good on all levels (there may be some problems for 040 players on level 3-too much stuff). The story progresses well for the first two levels, then seems to become a Bungie derivative (I felt like I was listening to a juvenile Durandal). It ends with a bang, though. (You are gonna get SO lost on level 2...)

Check out the digestible chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces...

The Junkyard 1.2

A ten-level solo scenario, and a net level (Lava Extreme, also available separately) Some of the levels are bigger than others, but except for the last one, you can run through the whole thing in under an hour. The story revolves around Durandal and Tycho, but they're not the Durandal and Tycho you know... Use IZD on an 040. (The last level shows what happens when you give someone All Roads Lead to Sol and DOPE and tell them, "make a level kind of like this one, but with more monsters.")

9 Minutes 37 Seconds

A 3-level solo scenario. As the author says, the plot's a little hokey, but the levels are quite well done. (I've got a pretty big gripe with the last level... if you leave the tower, you can't get back in. There's a door, but it's only one way... You've got to restart from a saved game, and I didn't have one.) Watch yourself when you're close to a goal... the baddies have a nasty habit of showing up at the last minute.


Huge. Lots of square rooms, with floating stones i the center, and sewage pits filled with drones, linked by sewage passageways. Some cool effects, but no plot to speak of (well, stay alive long enough to see the whole thing...).

Testland Physics

A map set up to test hairy physics models. It's you against way, way too many baddies... load up your meanest physics model, and see how long you can survive.

Three Chips

A single-level solo map. Your goal is to collect three repair chips... two are pretty easy, one's a bit tricky. A nice little 5-D area in the middle...

Baraka 3/3 Demo

A three-level demo of a 10-level solo scenario. (The first level has been altered a little from the original Baraka demo.) Also included are three net levels, as well as lots of peripheral info... a silly movie (you'll need a tool that can make it visible, like ResEdit), screen shots, sketches of work and info on the mapmaking process. Fun, but it seemed to go by pretty quickly...

You may want to look at the floppy-sized digestible chunks page.

Return of the Cyborg

A sequel to Foreign Legion 2.0. One level, with the ending leaving an opening for one more level. Very heavy on the puzzles... very nicely constructed. Enormous. Author expressed concern that the bar keeps being raised for quality, but he needn't worry just yet... This is another winner.

Wrath of Tycho 2.0

Tycho didn't die when his ship crashed... and now he's back, and he's pissed. He wants you dead. The levels here are not easy, but they tend to be tough not because of good planning, but because of overwhelming numbers of baddies, and lack of ammo. 6 or 7 blue hunters at a time, e.g. Update adds much better term text, a new level, and some tweaks.

The Dkkanichron

This is the sequel to The Wrath of the Sentinel. Huge vistas... a very workable storyline... some minor problems. (I got trapped in a poly near the end and had to restore from a saved game, there are a few spurious walls, that sort of thing. Nothing major, nothing that'll ruin the experience for you.) Quite a difficult start, but once you find that first save buffer, you're okay. Very enjoyable. Comes with its own obscenely graphics-rich web page.