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Baraka 3/3 Demo

A three-level demo of a 10-level solo scenario. (The first level has been altered a little from the original Baraka demo.) Also included are three net levels, as well as lots of peripheral info... a silly movie (you'll need a tool that can make it visible, like ResEdit), screen shots, sketches of work and info on the mapmaking process. Fun, but it seemed to go by pretty quickly...

You may want to look at the floppy-sized digestible chunks page.

Marathon Revisited

A pretty incredible 26-level scenario from a Danish mapmaker. Quite a bit of new art, as well as art "borrowed" (with credit) from other work... The storyline is conveyed in chapter screens-the terms you find simply contain the secret terms from the original Marathon, in case you missed them the first time around. Some unpleasant tricks are here (save whenever you get the chance, since there are more than a few dead ends), and some silly stuff (pictures of naked women in the marine jail cells, the bobs are now boobs (and pretty well done, too), that sort of thing)


An M1 and M2 version of the Pacman maze. Very different feel to the two versions... too big, though, to recognize where you are until you go into map mode.

Smiley ID's Maps

5 levels. Very large, generally quite playable. Lots of symmetry, as well as a bit of carelessness (bad textures in places you don't go very often, etc). A couple are very pretty to look at, and a couple seem to use textures gratuitously (that is, there are texture changes that seem to be nothing more than an attempt to get another texture in).

The Splattitorium

A large, pretty arena with a raised hill and a waterfilled outer ring. Don't bother with less than four... you'll never kill anyone.