Created by Matt Kelley

Another Brick in the Wall

Basically, two rooms, separated (and enclosed) by a wall wide enough to snipe from. There are also three lookout areas that don't seem to serve any purpose at all...

Wrath of Tycho 2.0

Tycho didn't die when his ship crashed... and now he's back, and he's pissed. He wants you dead. The levels here are not easy, but they tend to be tough not because of good planning, but because of overwhelming numbers of baddies, and lack of ammo. 6 or 7 blue hunters at a time, e.g. Update adds much better term text, a new level, and some tweaks.


A three level solo scenario. You're a prisoner, and your job is to escape, rescue Robert Blake, and get out. If you can finish this level on TC, consider yourself a true vidmaster. There are an absurd number of aliens here... and very limited recharging capabilities (unless I missed 'em all).

Unauthorized Access

Two bases, with lots of ammo and weapons in each (but shotgun and its ammo are split...). The object is to get to the other side's base... Texture choices make long-distance kills very difficult at low res.

The Deep End 1.2

Um, yeah... well, I guess you could play it networked... Basic design is a very narrow walkway running through PfhorSlime. One misstep, and you're toast... No way back up, no recharging, no weapons down below... it's kinda silly.