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Assault! River of Death v1.1

Introduces an alternative to capture the flag. Each team has a base, with four switches in it. If you manage to flip the switches in the opposing base, you raise a pillar in the center of the map, and show everyone you won the game. Pretty slick... has a few nice tricks even if you don't have enough people to play it. New version removes the chapter screen, and fixes a bug or two.

Bermuda Triangle

A two-level arena, with a sort-of-open area underneath, and three passageways meeting in a small triangle above. The hill is the small meeting patch (not accessible with weapons from below...)


A three level solo scenario. You're a prisoner, and your job is to escape, rescue Robert Blake, and get out. If you can finish this level on TC, consider yourself a true vidmaster. There are an absurd number of aliens here... and very limited recharging capabilities (unless I missed 'em all).

MapInfo 1.3.1

This is a really cool little tool of use to both mapmakers and players. Now works with both M1 and M2. Drop a map on it, and it'll create a text file containing lots of information about the map. Object info, lighting types, textureset, number of polys, number of platforms, number of points, total volume, and on and on... Use it for error checking (your map is crashing and you don't know why? Make sure the landscape texture you used is the one defined for the map. Want to make sure you haven't passed the 64 platform limit in your map? Save yourself lots of tedious counting with this. yadda...

Pfhalopian Tubes

A cool little map-very simple, but with great flow. Check out the map view for a clue as to where the name came from. (The textures could use some work.)

Unauthorized Access

Two bases, with lots of ammo and weapons in each (but shotgun and its ammo are split...). The object is to get to the other side's base... Texture choices make long-distance kills very difficult at low res.

What Goes Up

A straightforward port of Bungie's M1 level. A pretty nice job-stays true to the play of the original, except that there are WAY too many invincibility powerups.