Created by HackdSabre

Pfhalopian Tubes

A cool little map-very simple, but with great flow. Check out the map view for a clue as to where the name came from. (The textures could use some work.)

Moonlight Skirmish

A pretty straightforward arena, with a small tower in the center. (It's not set up for KOH, but if it were, the hill would be pretty difficult to reach. There are other reasons to go up there, though...) Comes in two versions (with and without aliens), and with a physics model to make the aliens less nasty.

Net as Good as Sex

A small, simple arena with catwalks above sewage pits. The flamethrower takes a bit of flying to get. BTW sex is much better than sewage pits... but then I never met his wife!

Carnage Galore

Lots of very long, very narrow passageways, and no real ammo. Comes with a physics model. Impossible without it (the hunters will take you down very quickly), but way too easy with it...