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100% UESC Choice Carnage

Very dark arena, with a sniper ledge running around the top edge. Very nice flow-there are multiple ways to get to most spots.


Huge, and rambling. Random teleporters in hallways (check your map). Says it's a net map, but you'd need about 15 just to find each other...

Bik's Net Maps

Well, they're nothing much to look at, but they play quite well. Heavy reliance on elevators. Some nice concept maps (Evilution contains randomly appearing walls, which can act as aid or hindrance, depending on how well you judged their reappearance frequency...).

Bob Karnage V1.1

Basically, a bunch of rooms set up to waste bobs in various ways. Whatever.

Full 'O' Bobs

Two main rooms, one full of explodabobs, one mixed, plus a room full of rechargers and another with an extra pistol and some ammo. I guess the point is to see how long you can stay alive...

Gladiators (m2)

Very simple map. (Comes in two versions-one for two-person net play, one for solo play.) Basically, it's very similar to Evan Vetere's Joust- each player tries to knock the other off his platform into the lava below. Solo version substitutes a trooper for your net opponent.

It's Not Easy Being...Red?!

A port of Mike Neylon's It's Not Easy Being Green. M2 is a bit short on green textures, so this one's mostly red... a pretty nice job.

Moonlight Skirmish

A pretty straightforward arena, with a small tower in the center. (It's not set up for KOH, but if it were, the hill would be pretty difficult to reach. There are other reasons to go up there, though...) Comes in two versions (with and without aliens), and with a physics model to make the aliens less nasty.

NY Subway

Modeled after the Union Square IRT station in New York City, this is one of the better renditions of a real subway... requires Ignore Zero Divides on 68K macs. Not really new, just new to this site.

Reservoir Dogs

This is a pretty fun map... lots of switches change the flow through various sections... some areas are only accessible via water, some become inaccessible until a switch gets flipped again. Nice water effects. .

The Towers 3

A pretty standard arena, with some pillars which can be used as vantage points. Really slow on 68K macs (probably because it's so open), and the lack of texture alignment is jarring.

Vertigo Maps

9 maps. The two that were in the last iteration, and 6 more, plus a version of one of the originals with textures redone to be more lo-res compatible. Generally open, with lots of aliens.