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Film Edit v1.0

Drop films on this program, and you can change team, color, and player name of any entry.


6 Maps. A couple of these are big, but most can be played with small groups, so I classified it as Small. These are really good... They range from amusing (maps in the shape of people or fish) to addictive (Phort and Capture the Flag are great for team games). Very enjoyable.

Gillo's Gambit

A small arena, with lots of ways to die... There's always some fighting going on, wherever you are.

Levitus Shapes Patch

So you can't handle a 5.5 meg download? And you have lots of RAM? Here's a patcher, made by UpdateMaker, that turns your standard Shapes file into the Levitus Shapes file, described above.

M2 Suicide v14

4 levels, all orginal. Some very nice twists on KOH-type games... and one that wouldn't work with two people (it's called Eyes in the Back of Yer Head, and you wouldn't need 'em without a third person...). Carnage rating-very high.

Net as Good as Sex

A small, simple arena with catwalks above sewage pits. The flamethrower takes a bit of flying to get. BTW sex is much better than sewage pits... but then I never met his wife!

Quantum Reality

A huge, sprawling 5-D space level. Very easy to get lost, lots of narrow passageways. (You can use wall textures to help you navigate, until you run into that infrared powerup...)


Looks like it was designed as a solo level, but it's so small, it would make a better net level. Really sharp edges, and one bad (but non-fatal) texture. Ammo placement leads me to believe it was designed to be played on Kindegarten.

Suicide v23

3 Maps. These work better (imo) as M2 maps, although they play faster, for some reason, as M1... The M2 version is called M2 Suicide 13.

Suicide v24

4 maps, M1 versions of the maps in M2 Suicide 14. These are just as fun as their M2 counterparts...