Created by Butch Massoni


Ten maps for your picking-up-ammo pleasure. Map one is square. Map two is roundish. Three is titled Live Fast. Level/Map nine suffers from smearing. Level ten, well, watch out when firing that Launcher! Water medium in most of these maps, good ammo & plenty of ways to recharge when recharger works. Decent Package from the Suicide King. He recommends it here, suicide that is. Fire that Launcher Dude!

Infinity Suicide Bungie Levels v2.0

16 levels that are remakes of partial Infinity maps. These are loaded with ammo, weapons, in typical suicide style. These are done pretty well and should provide you with a high amount of kills and carnage.

Infinity Suicide Original Levels v2.0

10 original suicide levels by Butch Massoni. Some of these are visually nice as well as loaded for kills and carnage. Some pretty cool ideas for this style of map. Give these a try and have some all out carnage...

Infinity Suicide Pak #2

From the same author, 29 levels and these are pretty well done too. Should provide you with some all out carnage.

Infinity Suicide v6

4 levels, all M2 ports. These were enjoyable in their original form, and they're enjoyable now... the smg adds quite a bit. (The Molecule might induce flashbacks...) I've gotta say, though... there's absolutely no excuse for texture misalignment on levels this small that were made with Forge. (Not that this gets in the way of our killing each other...)

Infinity Suicide v5.0

Three levels: two Bungie M1 maps, and one original. All three are really, really fun. (Smells like Napalm is a blast-watch yourself on those recharging platforms!)

Infinity Suicide v4.0

Five levels, some ported from M2 suicides, some brand new. All quite playable (except maybe Kevorkian's Rooms, which will give you a horrible headache). Deadly Ledges is very nice for extremely high-carnage games.

Infinity Suicide v3.0

8 levels, mostly ports from M1 suicides (mods of Bungie M1 maps), but including Electric Sheep 2 from Infinity. Some of the texture choices hurt my eyes, but as usual, layout is great, and carnage is high. Warning-there seems to be a bunch of untextured sides (shows up as smearing). Not fatal, but...

nfinity Suicide v2.0

Three new levels, all very playable. This map is recommended for Power Macs. If you have a 040 machine, make sure you read the "read me". If you live suicide maps--you will love this one!!

Infinity-Suicide v2.0

Three more, all originals. These are reminiscent of the early M1 suicides... high carnage, no hiding places, lots of in-your-face action. Storm Drain is beautiful, both for action and for looks!