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"I'm There Pfhor You, Man"

Nifty! This little scenario is nifty! Comes with a Physics model so please use then watch out for those Phfor Staffs, blammo! And Hunters that are firing missiles at you. Missiles? This is a terrific map by Steven and in the Read Me he states he's been working on bugs. We were devastated when towards the end we couldn't fit through a narrow opening, even with just our fists. Overall, we recommend as a great kill ëem exercise. You just may quit sooner than expected, or try another route.

"Vade retro me, Satanas!"

Two maps, one entered into the Bungie map competition, a level from a scenario to be released later (at this point, presumed deceased). Hit the switch, wait for the door to open, kill stuff, find another switch, wait for the door to open... and so on. And so on. And so on. Until you finally say "that's enough, thanks" and quit. (The author could use a bit more humbleness in his readme, given the quality of the map.) The other map is a rather convoluted netmap. (He's not kidding when he says "I'm not on the net, so I don't know s*** about net-levels".)

"Your best bet, man"

A single level solo map and a single net map. Also comes with a shapes patch to replace the assault rifle with the m-16/m203 grenade launcher, but it crashed my machine every time I tried it. The solo level is a bit strange... the AI says she's Leela, but she acts more like Beavis. Keep looking around for new room exits... eventually you'll get to the end.

...and one Pfhor all!

A three level solo map. Nicely done. Terms aren't too exciting, and monster placement needs quite a bit of work, but mapmaking is quite nice. Nice texture choices, nice construction, nice lighting... this one will keep you entertained for a while, at least.

11th Hour

A big, wide-open arena with some cool tight passageways around the outside. Teleporters everywhere... you'll probably have to play it a few times to get the hang of what brings you where. Sizewise, would easily fit 6+, but weapons seem tight for 4 or 5.

5 good reasons

Two maps from Herr Mueller with the first being the 'suicide' map. You, as a 'Mechanized Mercenary', are fresh out of stasis & called upon by Durandal to run a kill mission. This is an extremely simple map, best play it on Total Carnage if you want some action. The second map is 'Toad Stroganoff', a Net map with a singular square and a few scattered weapons.

Adexcoriatarium 1.0

Great Map making! Great dialog. Great story. Great mission. Great use of space & some smart ideas. A 7 level game plus two net levels. It ain't that easy either. But then, problems appear on the last of the solo levels, "Mother Can't Save You Now". What a shame. This reviewer couldn't make it work, definitely design glitches; aliens don't die, stuck between a wall & a persistent alien . . . that sort of thing. Maybe you can make it work. Might be worth a try (ahhhh the challenge). It was fun while it lasted!


A single-level solo map... decent layout, but too many blind and deaf baddies. Will give you 15 minutes of fun on Major Damage...


Won Best Net Map in Bungie's mapmaking competition... and it really is a blast. A central waterfilled arena, surrounded by three satellites... and a bunch of secrets. Travel between the areas is accomplished via water cannon, most of the time (although other routes are available). The cannons are a great place to reload when you're out of ammo, but beware the exit... you might just find someone waiting for you there. Best as a King of the Hill map, but plays fine in EMFH mode. Very well done.

Are You Ready v1.0.0

A huge, sprawling level, one really big ring surrounding a smaller playing field. Needs a minimum of 4 or 5 to be any fun at all...


Chappy is your AI here & your mission is to start a sequence to detonate the present location by finding & inserting eight uplink chips, through eight doors, in 8 or more areas.

Backfire v1.7

A small, symmetrical arena with superfast flow and lots of weapons/ammo. The only forseeable problem with KOTH is that the map's so small that you have a shot on the hill from almost anywhere. (This might be good, though...)

Be Quick or be Dead

I'm rather astounded this map won Best Single Player in Bungie's map competition last year. It's not a bad map... but it feels an *awful* lot like some classic Bungie levels, enough so that I'd probably call it creative plagiarism. (The first level, for example, is a hybrid of Waterloo Waterpark and What About Bob. The beginning of level 2 reminded me an awful lot of Arrival, or maybe Ne Cede Malis, at least in parts. It goes on.) Anyway, the action's good. What do I know?

Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Very nice symmetrical level design-a sort of a helix design with some bulbs at the end. With aliens off, a fantastic small net level. With aliens on, a really nice training level... gets your shooting up to snuff around corners and in tight places.


Three levels with 3 Anvil patches to change textures to suit your preference. Also includes Spoilers for the four (counting original) maps/textures/mediums. These maps/levels are so complicated, convoluted, twisty, tricky, complex, switch oriented, etc., etc., with ammo hidden everywhere & Bobs so deadly . . . well you've got to see it to believe it! Highly recommended for solo play & boy, good luck for Net folks! WHAT FUN! Should support quite a crowd of foolhardy players. Download now! (Note to Bernie, throw in some terminals, give us a mission!


An open arena with a ring around it. One buggy area (no textures, teleposting), and some physics changes. (Check out the SPNKR shots...) It's fun to go around blasting the potatoani... but beware your fellow players.


Looks like a pretty well-built level, in Forge... unfortunately, there's no start position. Marathon will generate one, it seems... but it puts you in a place with no exit. Maybe with an update...


Deceptively large figure eight map with a few Troopers thrown in. Off shoot areas with ammo, access to sniper ledges, hideaway areas pulled together by teleporters. Fast, should support at least four players. Clever design here.

Bob's Mƒ maps

Four maps that support multiple players. RUBIK: Large Arena shaped like the cube, secret doors to get around, elevators, ambush rooms, water on perimeter, will support lots of peoplel. HEY HOGG/Bonanza: Small, very high Hill, sniper ledges, great kill ratio & very fast. The 'lost in space' view is quite spectacular in inner circle. THE DOCTOR SAYS/Turn & Cough: Linear map with an abundance of teleporters getting you to sniper ledges. Center is water medium with ledge hopping for ammo. Somewhat confined but fast with high kill ratio. DIE: Symmetrical with big vista...