Bob's Mƒ maps

Four maps that support multiple players. RUBIK: Large Arena shaped like the cube, secret doors to get around, elevators, ambush rooms, water on perimeter, will support lots of people. HEY HOGG/Bonanza: Small, very high Hill, sniper ledges, great kill ratio & very fast. The 'lost in space' view is quite spectacular in inner circle. THE DOCTOR SAYS/Turn & Cough: Linear map with an abundance of teleporters getting you to sniper ledges. Center is water medium with ledge hopping for ammo. Somewhat confined but fast with high kill ratio. DIE: Symmetrical with big vistas, water medium, long kill distances, not many transports out of water. Launcher is essential.

Levels in map "RUBIK":

Levels in map "Bonanza":

Levels in map "Turn and Cough":
Turn and Cough

Levels in map "DIE":