Created by Bernie Wieser


Three levels with 3 Anvil patches to change textures to suit your preference. Also includes Spoilers for the four (counting original) maps/textures/mediums. These maps/levels are so complicated, convoluted, twisty, tricky, complex, switch oriented, etc., etc., with ammo hidden everywhere & Bobs so deadly . . . well you've got to see it to believe it! Highly recommended for solo play & boy, good luck for Net folks! WHAT FUN! Should support quite a crowd of foolhardy players. Download now! (Note to Bernie, throw in some terminals, give us a mission!

Texture Patches

These are brick, grass and some other slate type textures that have been made for the authors maps.

Magotopia v1.1

An update of a previously released level...this update adds the texture patterns for the shapes patch. New textures adds grass, bricks and some slate textures....You will need the "All in one" shapes patch to work with the map, Anvil 1.02 is also required and there are three different shape patches. One for Hi-Res, Low-Res or a Alt-Res, which will work for both settings-but not as good.

Castle Rocagloriosa

This map was sent to me a couple of weeks ago. I just found it and decided that I owed it to the author to at least explain why it was so late in posting. A very good map with some incredible construction. Choice of textures is few, but if you read the read me it is done this way on purpose. This map lends itself for team play as well as king of the hill. Flow for the most part is good and when you are in the inside of the castle take my advice and slow down or you will miss some things. The moat around the castle holds some goodies.

Full of Bucky Minister

A large honeycomb map. This one's designed for teams... the ammo caches require two people to access. (Check your map view for clues...)


This map seriously favors mouse players... the ability to turn on a dime will keep you alive more than any other skill, here. Four towers, with door locks on the inside, are surrounded by open alleyways. Weapons are in the towers, ammo is outside... so you can't stay safe forever. Some secrets remove even the advantage of the well-stocked tower-dweller... this is a really well-thought-out map.