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"Burn Baby, BURN!"

Very dark, very confusing, lots and lots of monsters. (Author recommends you turn them off for net games.) A little bit of 5D, mostly just for breathing room where there wouldn't normally be any.

By Jove Jeeves!

The second part of the Dragonfly trilogy that started with What Ho! Jeeves, this is a slightly more involved scenario than the first one. You still have a dry, erudite AI helping you along, but there's some serious fighting going on. Four levels, but the first three are a cakewalk. (The forth is definitely not.) This should provide you with some good stress-burning opportunities.

Cage Dancing

Cross-and-ring catwalks surround the hill, which is enclosed in a cage... the sectioned areas of the floor below provide teleporter access to the cage. You can't shoot out once you're in, and you can't escape... and it's really, really small if someone decides to join you. Good for Prisoner on the Hill games.

Carnage Over My-Hammy

Flow is quite nice, even if you do find yourself running into pillars every once in a while. Texture choices make distances and doorways hard to distinguish, especially at low-res... but layout is well done overall. Feels like it'd hold eight without too much trouble.


This map seriously favors mouse players... the ability to turn on a dime will keep you alive more than any other skill, here. Four towers, with door locks on the inside, are surrounded by open alleyways. Weapons are in the towers, ammo is outside... so you can't stay safe forever. Some secrets remove even the advantage of the well-stocked tower-dweller... this is a really well-thought-out map.

Celestial Planes

Very clean. An outdoor level (well, in space, I guess), on multiple levels. Extremely open... almost any spot is in the line of fire of any other, but that doesn't mean you can aim that well, or that your target will obligingly stand still. A few nice secrets.

Death From Below

A large, water-filled arena with a dry hill in the center and a dry ring around the outside. A single water pillar provides a stealthy way to attack the hill (and is probably what gave the map its name). If you're hiding in the pillar, beware of opponents with SMGs!

Full of Bucky Minister

A large honeycomb map. This one's designed for teams... the ammo caches require two people to access. (Check your map view for clues...)

Infinity Net Collection vol.1

Three levels. The first is a straightforward sewage-filled arena, with a few areas out of the action, for loading up on weapons and ammo. The second is split into two pieces... a warzone (lots of baddies, bobs, and S'pht'kr) and a small lava-filled arena. The third... well, "You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike."

Infinity Suicide v5.0

Three levels: two Bungie M1 maps, and one original. All three are really, really fun. (Smells like Napalm is a blast-watch yourself on those recharging platforms!)

Infinity Water World

A pretty nice rendition of Waldo World. Outdoors, in (mostly) knee-high water.

Reach Out...

A pit, filled with many pillars which can either act as cover or induce suicides, is surrounded by a ledge. The pillars effectively hinder sniping from the ledge... but the high ground is useful, nonetheless. (Watch for shots from below, though... the ledge is lit, and the pit is not.) Teleporters bring you up, jumping brings you down.

The Bridge

This is simply enormous. Gigantic walls, huge falls, really, really long shots. Not all platforms make noise, so if you're looking for secrets (and there are a bunch), be sure to keep your eyes, as well as your ears, open. Looks like it'd be slow with less than, say, five.

The Twister

A tall cylinder, with stairs (and teleporters) around the outside, and a very slow-moving platform in the center. If you can stay alive on the platform until it reaches the top (unlikely, but...), invincibility awaits you. (There aren't any fusion pistols...)