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Assorted Walls

What it sounds like. Comes with replacement textures for three texturesets. (Some textures are used in more than one set.) Generally an interesting collection...

Carnage v2.0

A small, and I mean small stair/plaform type arena. There is some texture smearing on this one that you can see in the film. I think the biggest reason for this is the large number of polys. If you fall into one of the water pools, well, your history. The top ones I know have some cool things in them but everytime I stopped to check I got wiped out!! Textures are cool, except in the upper stairway I got lost many times. Map consturction is good, would probably hold a max number of 4 players, and this might be pushing it. Update takes out the "stuck-o-pools". You now transport to another poly.

Death From Above Mark II

A very good map, construction is very linear and very well done. Everything is laid out in a east to west type of line and this one, although it might be small in ploy count, can hold up to 6 easy. I really enjoyed playing this map. There are two secrets, well three if your counting and there is great recharge area that can be guarded. Out of all we played tonight I played this one the longest--lacks sounds but has some great lighting sets. You can stand in the dark and the other players can't see you. One fish eye chip enhancement, other than that pretty straight forward. Great map.

Olaf Fub 1.2

Four levels, although two are transition/informational. Some really cool tricks, and very high-quality map construction... but I had trouble getting into a level that's 50% underwater. Other than that one gripe, though... there is some really cool stuff here. Definitely worth the download.

Forge/Anvil Patchers v1.0.2

This is Bungies update to their great editors, Forge and Anvil. The Anvil updater adds a import and export feature that is great. If you are using Anvil to add palettes or the like-I strongly suggest you use this version. For sounds, use the 1.0.3 version.

Gumby Patch v1.01

Turns BoBs into light blue (or light grey) Gumby dolls. Pretty high quality, and the death sprites are entertaining. Anvil v1.0.2 or higher is required for installation.

Juggernaut Patch

Turns Jugs into "Hollywood Art Directors". The face was captured with a camcorder, so it's a bit pixellated... but It is pretty fun to blast him, though...

New Bob Deaths

Supposedly it makes the bobs die with more blood and stuff. More gore-but I couldn't tell the difference to be honest about it.


Converts Macintosh M2 maps into Windows 95 M2 maps. Runs on a mac only.

Sight Patch 1.1

Not related to the sight patch above, this patch provides simple but accurate sights for all weapons in Infinity. It requires Anvil v1.0.2.

6 French maps

Actually, 7... with outrageous accents. Mostly geometrical (big squares, or long hallways leading to other long hallways). If you can avoid the fisheyes, The Hard Machine is quite fun.


Sort of feels like a pried-open Mars Needs Women. Nice lighting, for M1. Comes with a physics model and a shotgun sound patch.

Calling Mr. Otis

You're in platform hell, and you don't get to leave until you kill everything. Or die.


A small, stair-filled arena. Due to the huge number of polys in view at any given time, this map is pretty slow on low-end machines... and it'll give you motion sickness on the back stairs on high-end ones. The upper pools hold goodies, but watch the lower ones... once you're in, you're in (until someone kills you).

Dawn of the Cyborg

A big, rambling solo level without very much to do. The author says it is his first Forge level, and he's testing ideas. Some are okay... but in general, it's a pretty slow level.

Dog & Dog Map Pack v1.0

4 levels. A pretty wide range of playstyles... the first map is quite small, with seriously fast-paced carnage (if your friends don't kill you, the hill will), but the other three are rather large. I wouldn't expect great performance of What The Hell on 040 machines... but other than that, these are pretty fun. Caesar's Palace shows an enormous attention to detail.

Flight Of The Bumblebee

A spaceship. Extremely linear. Oh, yeah, and for the first half of the map, you'll be fighting hunters with your pistol...

Hop Skip n Blast

An arena surrounded by a ring with multiple routes between them. The arena is two-tiered... there are several platforms in it, allowing travel among and through them. A couple of sniper perches provide nice shooting locations, but they're not particularly safe...

Hunter Chase

This map had real potential... level construction is fun, the new hunters give you a serious adrenaline rush, and the potential for future maps in the series is great... but it's too easy to lock yourself into a dead end. (I did it.) Most of the switches have delays... so it's easy to close a one-way door and still get through it, but you won't be able to come back. Oh, well... If you're careful what you open (and close), you should have fun.

Infinity Suicide v6

4 levels, all M2 ports. These were enjoyable in their original form, and they're enjoyable now... the smg adds quite a bit. (The Molecule might induce flashbacks...) I've gotta say, though... there's absolutely no excuse for texture misalignment on levels this small that were made with Forge. (Not that this gets in the way of our killing each other...)