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Catwalk Carnage

A tall central arena, with catwalks leading to the hill. These can be lowered with switches on the hill, but they're also player-triggered... so you're not particularly safe there. Passageways around the outside contain weapons and ammo... and small hopscotch courses through lava pools (easy to do when you're concentrating, a bit harder with someone shooting at you).


A very high-quality solo scenario (single-level). Great lighting, nice monster placement, and decent puzzles. (A bit linear-since every switch you throw opens a door somewhere else-but not at all predictable.) Fantastic use of lava F'licktas, which I hate, normally. If you get stuck, look very carefully through windows, wall openings, cracks... you might just see a switch or breakable panel.

Pit of Despair v2.0

A pretty cool arena level. A port (with major changes) of the M2 map. This might be best played in teams... there's a large central arena, with a pit in the center. Lots of big weapons there, but switches on the outside rim lowers the pit and dumps the trapped player in small crusher cells. Escape is possible, but the door is slow... which is why tag teams would be nice. I