Created by Mike Miazgowicz

Outpost Isni v1.b

A very good solo evil map. This thing is the definition of "non-linear". I really enjoyed some of the level design. I have had this file for some time but have not posted due to a bug that is now fixed.

Hand Grenades

A pretty good shapes patch for weapons. This patch will give both of your fists a grenade in each hand. The only sequences that looked a little strange was the grenades in the hands sequence. These grenades bounce just like the cyborg mines and if you are too close, watch out.

Dirt Devil

At first I tried to play this map without reading the read me....big mistake. This map uses the flame thrower for a jet pack and allows you to waste carnage while floating in space outside of the very small arena. The only problem I had is while you are flying it is very difficult to aim and fry someone. The concept and idea is cool. Check it out if you are into these types of physic's models.

Catwalk Carnage

A tall central arena, with catwalks leading to the hill. These can be lowered with switches on the hill, but they're also player-triggered... so you're not particularly safe there. Passageways around the outside contain weapons and ammo... and small hopscotch courses through lava pools (easy to do when you're concentrating, a bit harder with someone shooting at you).

Round and Round the Mulberry Bush

The readme says this is your basic arena level, but that's a bit misleading... there are three open areas, two of them island-pocked pools, and the third a ring-like room. (Which is actually two rooms, thanks to the magic of 5-D space...) All are connected by narrow passageways, with a few nice secrets. Look hard for the secret ammo room, and when you find it, make sure to check out your map view!

Compactor of Pfhunk

Very strange. The hill is truly dangerous to get to... and nasty to defend. Once you've figured out how to get up and down, it's a really fast-moving level... Aliens make it a pain in the butt.