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Alien Vacation

What's not to like about a vacation? Sr. Lorenz is keeping us busy with his Earth Series, always clever, always with fun as the main ingredient. Hit those switches, in order of course, and watch the smashing world of Lyndon's mind open up. Another for your collection. We love this guy!


A room full of bouncing platforms-works like the Moon Walk at a carnival. No squishing platforms, so if you die, it's because someone killed you, or because you misjudged the platform in front of you, not because you were standing in the wrong place. A path around the outside gives you some stable ground to breathe on if you get seasick.

Aqua Arena

Arena is correct term but, oh so much more. This is a very spacious & complicated layout with pathways, off shoot areas, water areas, secret things, per the author, and King of the Hill play. Has been tested primarily with two players, recommends 8 easily. Mr. Ogle states he was looking to build a simple design. Don't think so! Aliens of every stripe so solo players don't fall into boredom.

Armadillo Casserole II

Straightforward Arena play, could probably handle three players, two would be better as this is a very small area. Plats, sniper ledges, water medium you can break through.

Armed Robbery

A straightforward Infinity scenario, NOT! The author has a few tricks up his sleeve. Pick up the chips & insert, wha? where? A 4 level scenario that will keep you backtracking & wondering where to go next. It may be difficult to get to the next level here, you know how Durandal is . . . Pattern Buffers are strategically placed as are weapons. A good effort by the author, let's hope heís busy creating more maps, using diverse textures and will continue to create Infinity projects. What were those two F'lickta up to by the way, hummmm, looked naughty.

At the Heart of It all 1.0.2

A single level solo exercise that has a few interesting & potentially good points. The story (Durandal speaks!) is interesting. Would like to see what this Map Maker could do if allowed some time to fiddle. Some problems with those damn Apes that just explode & explode & explode. Hasn't anybody figured this out yet?


Another complex map with switches, lava medium in center of Arena & various back of the Arena pathways. A very tricky access to the 2x recharger, better move fast, but then you will be anyway! Sniper slots, recommended for 4 players, best for tag.

Aye Am Not Feeling Sicur

Hard to believe this is just 20K as it is a spacious tri-area playing field with secrets, switches & a true blue King of the Hill layout. Tested with two players but designed for eight, which makes more sense as two would certainly get lost. Terrific ideas of space views/walkways that extend, lava mediums, and some nasty Flick'ta thrown in. Like this a lot. Wouldn't get too bored exploring solo either.

Beneath the Howling Stars v1.1

A two level solo map that really is just one with the first one being an ammo cache. This thing uses very few textures and IMO was constructed like a "maze". There were some nice tricks thrown in here and there. Although you will probably end up running with your map mode on, you will need to slow down so that you don't get wiped out in the "mini battles".

Blender v1.2+

This is a terrific map for solo and Arena play, up to 4 players, maybe more as it's spacious. Devlins everywhere.

BOB-Tempus Irae

Nine maps in all from TI.1 - TI.9; 20K up to 28K, includes two Physics models to give you that extra BLOOD! Pretty funny. TI textures are always handsome & here you get an assortment of arenas/squares/circles/King of the Hill, etc. Pretty cramped, very small spaces, with a few aliens thrown in just so you can test the Physics files. Would be pretty fast & short we believe, but you be the judge. This is a Marathon fan from Germany which gives your death scream a slight accent when you pass away.

Capture the Skull

Recommends at least four players, prefers eight. Author says to form Teams & capture the ball. Definitely a playing field setup with some very annoying aliens and a few radical Bobs fighting among themselves, another distraction. Pretty good. Team with most time with the ball wins. Not an actual ball, however. Only complaint, no rechargers/life canisters. So you end up with fast & furious. Cool!

Chisel: Ambience v1.0

A very cool chisel plugin that extends the number of ambient sounds available in Marathon from 24 to 172.

Chisel: Face Objects v1.0.1

An update to a chisel plugin that allows you to specify facing direction for scenery objects. It's not new, but also not here...

City and Neo

Neo: Good Map, good game play, progresses, nice placement of ammo & you'll need it. One could wish for another Pattern Buffer (or two!). The lighting here is done quite well. Would like to see what this Map Maker could do with a more complex story, although the story is quite up to par as is. The Read Me states this Map's unfinished, dunno know. Try it, it's worth the money.

DAnSe macabRE

Four Squares connected up & down by stairwells loaded with ammo. Secret switch floods area but you can fire underwater if you do so at point blank range. Grenade throwing Flick'ta, few troopers for solo play. Tag would be the action here. Too big on the myriad stairs, you will be running a lot. Should hold at the very least 4-6 opponents.

Dead by Dawn

Six cmd/cntrl levels. Number one: 30.10.72; a rectangle with the cleverest use of elevators, aka crushers, I've seen in a long time! 2x hard to take the time to reach, perimeter ledge, jump off elevators quick! This is so fast it will make your head spin; play tag, you or your opponent are bound to have a serious mishap! May support KOTH, author likes 2-4 players, tested on two. There is a hidey hole that could be considered the Hill as it's open on two sides. Number Two: Hanger; rectangle, large central raised area for KOTH & smaller connected rectangles for getting around.