Created by Mike Trinder

Chisel: Write Rotator v1.0a2

Write Rotator File is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can output any Marathon 2 or Infinity map in the format used by the Freeware program Rotator. This allows you to view any map as a three dimensional wire frame model, somewhat similar to the map used by Descent. It was written to produce a few terminal images and animations quickly, but mostly for the fun of it.

Cinemascope v1.0

Cinemascope is a useful application that can fool Marathon 2 and Infinity into displaying terminal pictures that are twice the normal width. Cinemascope mucks about with your pictures to allow you to use and display images that are 614 by 266 pixels, giving you an image that goes right across the terminal.

Chisel: Better Cleanup v1.0.1

Distributed with previous versions of Chisel is an effect called 'Cleanup.' This effect has at least one bug at the time of writing: whilst it removes the correct number of lights from the map, the lights left behind are not the correct ones, merely the first lights in the map. This means that it only works correctly if the last lights in the map are removed. Enter 'Better Cleanup' which fixes the bug, and adds two new features:)

Lift Test v1.0

A test map that exploits the Platformer Chisel effect. A lift that connects two rooms that is open on all four sides. This map is totally indebted to the amazing map hacking of Jason Harper.

Chisel: Media Munger v1.0

Media Munger is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can remap the media in any Marathon 2 or Infinity map to any of the types available.

Gemini Station -SDL- v2.0

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Gemini Station 2.0. Converted by Randall J. Currie.

Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced

Chisel makes you wonder what you can't do with Marathon maps. For anyone doing serious scenario work... if you're not using Chisel, you're wasting your time. This package is for folks who haven't used Chisel yet... or haven't updated their versions in a while. You can always grab just the Chisel app, if you're up-to-date with plugins... or go visit Mike's Chisel World, and see what he has to say. (Of course, all of Mike's Chisel-related stuff is available here, as well.) PLATformer 1.0 is included in this package. Latest release includes new versions of Wot Dat Tag Do Den> and Texture Mung...

Chisel Effects Kit 2.1.1

Effects programming kit for use with either Codewarrior or Think Pascal, for those who want to roll their own. Not reccomended for the faint of heart.

Chisel 2.1.6

Mike Trinder has taken over development of this really cool tool from Bach, and has released a cleaned-up version with a bunch of bug fixes. This is just the core program-if you want other cool effects, look for them separately. (Try searching for Mike's stuff, or for Chisel stuff.) Also available is an effects programming kit (updated!), for use with either Codewarrior or Think Pascal, for those who want to roll their own. Latest update allows Chisel to be used easily with 3rd-party scenarios (like Evil and Tempus Irae). v2.1.4 fixes a long-standing (but unnoticed) problem whereby Chisel ...

Chisel: Wot dat tag do den? 1.2.1

An update to an amazingly useful Chisel plugin. This allows you to see what tags are activated by which switches or chips, and what the resultant action is. 1.1 fixes the effect to work on merged maps as well as unmerged. 1.1.1 allows the overwriting of an exising Tag report. (If you've updated the tags, you certainly don't need the old report, do you?) Use this when new people join projects (to see what's already been done), use this when coming back to old maps you don't have notes for (you do keep notes, don't you?), use this as a last resort when playing scenarios that you can't find ...