Chisel: Wot dat tag do den? 1.2.1

An update to an amazingly useful Chisel plugin. This allows you to see what tags are activated by which switches or chips, and what the resultant action is. 1.1 fixes the effect to work on merged maps as well as unmerged. 1.1.1 allows the overwriting of an exising Tag report. (If you've updated the tags, you certainly don't need the old report, do you?) Use this when new people join projects (to see what's already been done), use this when coming back to old maps you don't have notes for (you do keep notes, don't you?), use this as a last resort when playing scenarios that you can't find the way to the next level in. (That's actually cheating, so don't be proud of this one.) Of all the Chisel plug-ins, I think I use this one the most. 1.2 upgrade adds a bunch of cool functionality (code to trace switch, term, pb actions), and fixes a couple of bugs. 1.2.1 fixes a nasty bug in the switch report code. This is also bundled in the Chisel 2.1.6 enhanced package.