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CTF SDK v1.0

This download contains instructions on how to make dual textured CTF maps (so that you can have red and blue bases), the shapes file to use with Forge, and a texturing script. To make a good CTF map, you almost have to make distinct Red and Blue bases so that players don't get confused. If you plan on making CTF maps, this download will help you out a lot.

Because using Chisel isn't real easy, I have decided to put this SDK together to make it easier for people to create CTF maps. The readme explains everything you need to know for creating maps with lava and water textures.

Engine/Zero E0U2V1 WIN v1.0

Engine/Zero is teh Aleph One replacement. Not backwards compatible. Won't run until you get a scenario too.

Cool stuff to do:

Press M for the fancy 3D map

Press O for an objective list

press T then type any of the following then press enter.

ScanVision 1

Zooming 1

and there's many more but I can't be bothered putting them here.

Oh well anyway E0 rocks.

TTEP 5.0 to 5.1 Patch v5.1

This small patch will update the Total Texture Enhancement Package from version 5.0 to 5.1, no matter which resolution of TTEP 5.0 you have.

TTEP 4.0 to 4.1 patch v4.1

This file is an updater for the 'Total texture enhancement package 4.0' to add the missing Pfhor texture collection to M1A1.

Sound Enhancement Package v1.0

Many things of Marathon have been improved since Aleph One came out: OpenGL graphics, high-res textures, and even a couple of 3D models are made. But there's one thing that has never been improved...Sound.

This is probably because the sounds in Marathon are still quite good, but we found ways to make it even better.

Pfhor Dance v1.0

A small animated short showing what the Pfhor Fighter class does in their spare time. Made using 3dMax back in 2002.

AlephOne Japanese kit v1.0

This archive is packed the MML script when using a Japanese Map by AlephOne, and the resource which puts application of AlephOne into Japanese.

Forge A1 Patch v1.0

Modifies Forge to save maps as Aleph One maps rather tha Marathon Infinity maps.

M1A1 Forge Patch v1.0

A patch for Forge 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 (A1 patched also works) that modifies them to use M1A1 monster types, scenery types, etc.

M1A1 Net Patch v1.0

Converts a copy of Marathon Infinity for use with M1A1 on a network.

More Men of Honor desktop picts v1.0

These are 3 800 x 600 desktop pictures (they are much better then my older ones) from the scenario Men of Honor.