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M2 Film/Save File Converter

Gets around a bug in M2 that causes the wrong ID to be recorded in a film or saved game. Ever returned to a saved game, and have it jump to the corresponding Bungie level when you advanced? This program will fix that problem!

"Lights, Floors, and Ceilings"

Have you ever made a simple marathon map, with limited lighting types ,because you never figured out how to make those smooth fluctuating lights? Or maybe you know, technically, how to do it, but never got around to it, because of the tedium of creating all those lighting types. Well, wait no more-download this package. It contains 4 one-poly maps (yes, you'll have to add your own polys to make them functional), containing smooth gradations of lights using various steps. Also contains easy lookup tables for creating staircases.

SyncFilm v1.0

This drag-n-drop film fixer will synch a film with the map it was made from. Good for those times when the proper map is present, but Marathon refuses to recognize it...

Marathon Film Installer 1.0a5

Will allow you to replace the films built in to Marathon 1 or 2 (the ones that show if you leave the main screen up too long) with your own. Update adds compatibility with Infinity.

M2 Crosshairs

A small program that runs concurrently with Marathon. Adds a small crosshair in the center of the screen. Not a patch to Marathon, so but a separate entity... so getting rid of it is easy. Only tested with M2, but probably works with M1 and Infinity as well. PowerMac only-will crash your 68K machine.

Phforte 2.0a14

Bunch of tweaks, bug fixes, new features. Check out the latest changes. Guides and other helpful documents can be found in the "Instructions / Guides" section.

Super Mara Macros

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Maramacros above, these add tweaks like hundreds of spanker shots per clip, or grenades, or whatever... 13x shields... extravision, infravision, invisibility... you name it. Works best with v6.5.3 of MacsBug.

New Pfhorte2 Menus

Changes the names of Monsters, Objects, Texturesets, etc. to more descriptive choices.

MapInfo 1.3.1

This is a really cool little tool of use to both mapmakers and players. Now works with both M1 and M2. Drop a map on it, and it'll create a text file containing lots of information about the map. Object info, lighting types, textureset, number of polys, number of platforms, number of points, total volume, and on and on... Use it for error checking (your map is crashing and you don't know why? Make sure the landscape texture you used is the one defined for the map. Want to make sure you haven't passed the 64 platform limit in your map? Save yourself lots of tedious counting with this. yadda...

Marathon 2 Wall Extractor

Well, you might have to wait until Infinity comes out for an in situ editor, or one that can handle sprites, but this nifty little tool should help immensely in the meantime. It allows you to extract wall textures from M2 Shapes files, and save them in M1 format. You can then edit them with any of the Marathon 1 Shapes editors, and then reinsert them. I only did preliminary testing, and there are quite a few restrictions (read the docs), but it seems to do exactly what it say it'll do. Texture editors, go at it!

Pfhilm Pfhixer v0.9b

Another drag-n-drop film fixer. Makes all players on the same team, and changes the filename.

Film Edit v1.0

Drop films on this program, and you can change team, color, and player name of any entry.

Durandal Object Placement Editor 1.20

Does for M2 what the OPE did for M1. Allows simple placement of objects (including baddies and bobs) on any level. Add nasties to Bungie's net levels, so you can play them solo! This version adds a much faster searching algorithm and the Marathon 2 default set.

Alchemist 1.0b3

Michael Hanson's Physics Model editor for Marathon 2. Make flying bobs, or flame-shooting pfhor, or... whatever you feel like. Update fixes lots of bugs, adds a couple of features (customizable lists!).

Marathon 2 Film Handling Patcher

Does just what the Film Patcher does, but by patching your Marathon app instead. Get this one if you watch a lot of films-you won't have to edit each one.

Marathon 2 Film Patcher

Will allow you to post-patch films to put everyone on the same team, so that you can watch from any point of view. Pick the shirt color, too...

Mara Macros 1.2

These are really, really cool if you're into cheating. They're MacsBug macros that allow you to give yourself unlimited health, ammo, weapons, oxygen... all from within M2, without needing to edit a saved game. (Ever wanted to waste those first 8 bobs with a spanker blast? Now you can!) Comes in two flavors, 68K and PPC. The 68K ones are a piece of cake to install-create the proper folder (if it doesn't already exist), drop in the macros, and reboot. The PPC version actually requires a bit of work, but there are step-by-step, very explicit instructions to guide you. If you're not afraid of...

Ignore Zero Divides

If you play on a 68K machine, GET THIS! It's tiny, and it only does one thing, but it might just be the most useful utility out there for non-PPC owners. The biggest cause of crashes is the presence of zero-length lines in a map. This leads the cpu to attempt to divide by zero, which makes it crash... Bungie seems to have fixed the problem for the PowerPC code, but 040 and 030 owners were out of luck, before now... This little baby simply instructs your cpu to ignore any divide-by-zero operations. Run it just before you play Marathon, and you'll be free of those pesky Type 4 errors forever!

M2 Sound Converter 0.5b

Converts M2 sounds to resources, where you can edit them, and then converts them back. Still in early beta format, but functional...