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Alchemist 1.0b3

Michael Hanson's Physics Model editor for Marathon 2. Make flying bobs, or flame-shooting pfhor, or... whatever you feel like. Update fixes lots of bugs, adds a couple of features (customizable lists!).

Be My Shotgun Messiah

A simple arena, with lots and lots and lots of shotguns, lots of blue pfhor, and one spanker. Great as a practice arena, too (there are never fewer than 4 blues alive at any point).

DMMC Archive v7

11 maps. Not my style at all... well, the last four maps are okay. (The last two are actually pretty fun solo.)

Free Fall

A pretty nice level with a mission. Get the repair chips... No terms, but a couple of very nice perks. Up to Bach's high-quality standard for solo maps... Cool beginning, nasty ending. (You'll see.)


I don't think I get this one. Narrow passageways, with lots of bobs, and small sewage pits filled with F'lickta. These would be dangerous, if not for the fact that you never need to get deep enough for them to bother you... Oh, well. Good for a bob shoot, anyway.

M2 Suicide v6

5 more... a mix. Launching Pad is great, but really slow on slower macs... and there's a map here that reminds me how much that Alien textureset hurts my eyes.

M2 Suicide v7

Again, 5 converted M1 Suicides. Couple of killers here... Peekaboo really benefits from the ambient sounds, compared to the M1 version.

Mutual Satisfaction (m2)

A hellish tiny arena. My advice: get down, get a weapon, and get up as fast as you can. Otherwise, you're gonna be in a world of hurt.

Osterizer's Net Maps

Three maps. Chess is pretty unique... and Guerrillas in the Mist has a couple of very nice secrets.

Waldo World Arena B v1.4

I only call it this because it's the second conversion of Waldo World to be uploaded... I actually like this one better. GREAT use of background texture in the dead-end room! Update adds loads of nice features. This one is a real improvement on the original Waldo World... a great net map. If you like this map, check out theWaldo World Collaborative Project!