Created by Durandal Mapmakers Club

DMMC Archive v9

10 levels. A couple of fun solo ones, but the net ones are pretty uninspired.

DMMC Archive v7

11 maps. Not my style at all... well, the last four maps are okay. (The last two are actually pretty fun solo.)

DMMC Archive v6

4 maps. Nothing spectacular, but Dodgegrenade is a pretty fun play on a kid's game...

DMMC Archive v5

4 maps, for the week ending 1/7/96. Two have been seen before (Mutiny is good on the small maps page, and Assault of the Bobs from last week has been redone to be mostly underwater), but the other two are nice.

DMMC Archive v4

The Durandal Map Makers Club is a group of AOLers who get together to make M2 maps. They release an archive each week, comprised of all the M2 maps made by group members over the week. This is their fourth release, dated 12/31/95. This one's four maps. Seems to be a water theme... (Except for Spanker Island, which felt an awful lot to me like the M1 map Cylinder (available in one (or more, maybe) of the Suicide Maps). Pretty good quality, overall... I wasn't overly fond of Water World Arena (which is *nothing* like the Bungie map of similar name), but Pfhlange and Assault of the Bobs were ...

DMMC Archive v2

The second release from the DMMC (12/17/95). This one consists of 10 maps. Two are already on this page (Cruiseman Maps). All the rest were done by the group's president. They are all pretty high quality, small arenas with a nice eye to alien and weapon placement.