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Death Awaits You All!

An arena with a ring around the outside. The central pit can be filled by the use of switches.

DMMC Archive v6

4 maps. Nothing spectacular, but Dodgegrenade is a pretty fun play on a kid's game...

Fortress of Solitude v1.1

An open arena with a tower in the center, and a spiral path around the outside to reach it. This version fixes the zero length line bug the original had.

Le Chasse (The Hunt)

A very large, very pretty, very nastily-designed water level. All ammo is on dry land. Almost all dry land has shallows next to it, making it very hard to get up... but that doesn't stop the Flick'ta underwater from whaling on you...

Pfhinale v1.0

This is another rf reddig map, released many months ago in an almost finished state. I finished it. Enjoy. This is what a small arena should be.

Rage'n N'Tool'n

Large, with lots of ledges, and lots of underwater stuff... a few cool secret places. This needs a lot of people.

Sniping on Snipers

When I first tried this, I hated it. After about 3 minutes, though... this is a pretty decent map. Well laid out in terms of ammo/weapons vs. open space... there's no free lunch here. You want stuff, you got to take chances.

Stick Around

An update to Pit of Despair. 2 maps. Pit of Despair has been improved to actually live up to its name. The second map, Stranded, is a variation on the same map, but with an entirely different feel... a central tower (perfect for King of the Hill) can be isolated via switches from the outer ring. Looks like this one would be great for teams.