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Bullets and Butterflies

A large, water-filled arena. The central sniping tower makes a nice hill... really hard to defend.

Carnagey Hull + (m2)

I really don't know what Bungie was thinking this time around with the alien textures. Sort of like a bad golfing quartet on acid... and this map makes full use of them. Sort of a big ring, with a small room in the center. Lots of minibobs and ticks... This version adds quite a few features, making it much more playable as a net map.

DMMC Archive v5

4 maps, for the week ending 1/7/96. Two have been seen before (Mutiny is good on the small maps page, and Assault of the Bobs from last week has been redone to be mostly underwater), but the other two are nice.

King Carnage

A small arena, with the weapons mostly in the (hard to reach once you've left) outer ring. The fire Flick'ta are really annoying...

M2 Suicide v1

The Suicide Maps are moving to M2... here's the first 5. Get ready for mass carnage!

Octagon v2.0

A big, rambling level. Lots of twisty, windy passageways with drop holes into water-filled tunnels... In order to facilitate flow, the underwater tunnels have been removed. Really shrinks up the subjective size of the map.

Tic Tac Toe

A pretty simple arena, with all weapons in raised passageways. Unlimited Flick'ta.

You're in Hot Water!

Really, really tight on weapons, and the depth is that annoying one where you're half in, half out, with the screen jumping every second...