Created by Zach Norwood

Acid Jazz v12 v12.0

A gorgeous, sprawling level that had 10 releases in 36 hours (mostly little tweaks). This one needs lots of people... but worth a look even if your net group is small. More little tweaks...

Semantic Spaces v1.2

Sort of like Everyone's Mortal But Me, with a twist. Designed for King of the Hill, and would probably be pretty boring in any other mode (only one guy can get kills...). Check it out! A few more tweaks here...

King Carnage

A small arena, with the weapons mostly in the (hard to reach once you've left) outer ring. The fire Flick'ta are really annoying...

Current Castle

A totally underwater hill... and a physics model that lets you fire weapons there. Getting to the hill is non-trivial. (Something to do with the name of the map...)

Ender vs. Meta

A large arena, continuing on the theme of 5D portals. The wall textures might hurt your eyes...

4th Dimension

Another play on the Portals idea... Double waldo worlds. Where'd he go?

Meta Warrior v1.1b

A twisty, windy level, with a few nasty surprises (careful of that static region!). Like all the Meta levels, this is designed to work with Fusion's Marathon 2 Textures

Meta's Dual

A pretty straightforward arena. Like all Meta maps, this is designed for use with Fusion's Marathon 2 Textures. Comes with a sound patch for the teleporter sound (pretty nice change).

Meta's Final Test

A map with a few cool features, and a shapes patch that adds Marathon2 textures... really pretty! (Think about the shapes patch with other maps...)