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Another Arena 2.1 v2.1

A port of an M1 arena (by someone other than the original author). Still has great flow. All aliens have been removed. Update tweaks lighting (for the better), makes the hidden flamethrower available again.

Billy v2.0

A loving remake of one of the best M1 maps of all time. This is really nicely done, and maintains the feel of the original, while nicely updating it to take advantage of the M2 engine.

HunterPrey v2.1

A port of an M1 map (by someone other than the original author). Two levels, bottom level has pistols, top level has spankers. This version modified to give pistol folks a few free shots. Update adjusts placement of ammo to keep from blocking the view, and a couple of other tweaks.

Inside Out

A small arena, with a passageway around it, and some nice transfer between the two.


A very simple map, designwise, but it plays beautifully. Watch those nasty invisible compys, though...

Kill your Television

A few tweaks to the first room of that level, but basically it's just a big, open arena with the sniper level far, far away from the pit.

King of the Island v1.4

A pretty cool little arena using some of the water tricks first seen in Banzai!. Very nice flow, at least for small net games (not enough machines to test for large ones...).

M2 M1-Network Maps

A collection of the author's favorite M1 modifications (all of the enclosed levels can be gotten individually off this page, except one-the enclosed Mars Needs Women has been modified furthur).

Semantic Spaces v1.2

Sort of like Everyone's Mortal But Me, with a twist. Designed for King of the Hill, and would probably be pretty boring in any other mode (only one guy can get kills...). Check it out! A few more tweaks here...

Torture Chamber

Big, open spaces, and a small maze. Two crushers, mostly just for fun. (Don't watch 'em too long, your friends will waste you.)


A nice little level with a claustrophobic feel and a few nasty surprises...