Created by Eric Hoffman

Duality for M2

The net level included with the Infinity demo, for those of you unwilling or unable to download the 19 meg file yourself. The only change was Type code, so that M2 would recognize it. Otherwise, it's the same as the Infinity level.

Assault! River of Death v1.1

Introduces an alternative to capture the flag. Each team has a base, with four switches in it. If you manage to flip the switches in the opposing base, you raise a pillar in the center of the map, and show everyone you won the game. Pretty slick... has a few nice tricks even if you don't have enough people to play it. New version removes the chapter screen, and fixes a bug or two.

My Own Private Thermopylae

Bungie's level, hacked down to playable net size. Still pretty big... my guess is 4 would feel lonely.

Where the Twist Flops

Again, Bungie's level cut down to net-playable size. Lots of nooks and crannies... just like the original. Only this time, it's your friends you need to worry about, not hunters...

House of Water

The trench around the arena in House of Pain has been filled with water.

Kill your Television

A few tweaks to the first room of that level, but basically it's just a big, open arena with the sniper level far, far away from the pit.

Red Sector A

Visually very appealing. As far as I can tell, the pistons are for show only (there's no reason to risk getting on them...). Nice little secret alcoves.

Abuse Me!

A nice little arena, with a couple of good sniper positions (one's *really* hard to get to), set up for King of the Hill (or just plain carnage).


The beginnings of an Aliens package. New shapes (they still need work), and a physics model and map round out the package. Really designed for net play.