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Abuse Me!

A nice little arena, with a couple of good sniper positions (one's *really* hard to get to), set up for King of the Hill (or just plain carnage).

Achille's Hills

A windy, twisty map with lots of places to get lost. Good for KOH. No readme .


A windy, creepy little level... lots of places to pop up in someone's way, guns blazing. Watch your back.

Do or Die

An interesting little arena, differing from many KOH arenas by the fact that it doesn't favor the person on the hill...

Happy Pfhunball

The hill's not where it seems to be... No readme. Do not taunt happy pfhunball!

Hit the Switch

Big, lots of baddies, no ammo or weapons. (After about 4 minutes of running around, I had collected exactly one shotgun shell and no weapons.)


Based on a literary passage that describes a city with a lake beneath it that doesn't go beyond the city's borders. Well done, but can be confusing figuring out where you are.

M2 Dark Side

Mike Neylon's port of his popular Light and Dark Side of the Moon. Very pretty, but the dark side isn't really dark enough.

M2 Rising Sun

Another Mike Neylon M1 port. I like the textures better than the original...

M2 Suicide v11

7 maps, all original modifications of M2 Solo bungie levels. These are almost all great. (A couple are too big for serious carnage...)

M2 Suicide v12

5 maps, all conversions of M1 suicides. We hit 12 dpm in a two-player game on Neither High nor Low...


Another Mike Neylon port of a very good M1 map... I love the new textures!


Based on level 2 of SuperMario Kart (whatever that is...). Pretty simple map, just straight corridors to dodge in.

On A TopS

A pretty map with lots of ways in and out of most areas. Good for surprising folks...

Pfhorty Two

A fun level with a few good secrets. You can really surprise your playing mates if you find the good teleporters (and the flamethrower). Watch the big guy at the beginning...

Planet X

A KOH level. Has a pretty nice secret ammo stash... see if you can find it. (No, scratch that-it's pretty easy to find. See if you can access it before someone wastes you.)

Red Sector A

Visually very appealing. As far as I can tell, the pistons are for show only (there's no reason to risk getting on them...). Nice little secret alcoves.

Rescue Bob!

An amazingly engaging map-I found myself saying "Okay, just one more try" at least 15 times. Quite difficult, but satisfying to finish. Would benefit a lot from terms

The Kanjah Crisis 2.0

A pretty well thought-out level. There are a few annoying glitches, but nothing fatal (even on a 68K mac). A lot of running back and forth...