Created by Daniel Loebl

Prisoners of the Tower

A very complicated map, with lots and lots and lots of secrets. Too many slow-moving elevators for my taste, but if you're willing to take the time to get to know this map, you will find that there are a myriad of ways to kill your friends. As the author says, "the map is your weapon."

The River Bed

A large one level net map that shows some very good attention to detail. Light sets, speed of the elevators and heights are all thought out in this map. EMFH seems to work best with this one. Definitely learn the map beforehand, lots of hiding places and corners, etc... Very good in construction and design.


If you think you've found all the secrets in this level, you haven't played it long enough. Lots of doors that don't look like doors, but there are some very nice navigation tools, fun lighting... and more than enough ammo to keep your whole group dying.

The Return v2.0

An abandoned church, with a few elevators, some teleporters, and a secret passage or two. Always keep in mind-if you can see them, they can probably see you... Update adds lots of secret passageways, reworks some of the existing ones, and generally cleans up. (A much sneakier level, now...)

Dying is Easy

An open area with multi-level platforms, and a lot of intricate hallways and stairwells around the outside. Look for the sniper positions that give access to long-range kill shots... but beware the counterpositions! A deceptive map, for there are many areas that seem safe to rest in, but aren't...

Paranoid Turrets

A multilevel arena. The textures keep you from getting your bearings for a little while... and your opponents will keep you from it for as long as you play. Very open, with lots of ways to get from point a to point b. Always check above you...

I Dare You!

A two-level arena, with lots of nooks and crannies on both levels. Watch the crossfire!

Black Magic VI

A large, rambling level, with distinctive lighting effects, and some weird spatial quirks. Plenty of ammo and weapons... so as soon as you've figured out the flow, carnage rates should be high.

Above it All v1.0

A very geometrical (mostly squares, actually), multilevel arena. There are a few secrets, but mostly you'll be jumping from block to block, avoiding spanker shots from all around...

Faster! Faster! Kill! Kill! v1.0

A two level arena...Carnage should be high. Don't look at the ceiling-it's a bit weird. (While you're trying to figure out why it bothers you, you'll get a grenade in your back...)