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If you think you've found all the secrets in this level, you haven't played it long enough. Lots of doors that don't look like doors, but there are some very nice navigation tools, fun lighting... and more than enough ammo to keep your whole group dying.

Codename: Genesis 1.1

A spectacular solo level (and harbinger of things to come, maybe). Fantastic lighting, meticulous attention to detail, very cool tricks (checK out the bio-scanner and the comms on the doors!), and great terms make this one not to miss. This is a level where stealth wins out over strength, cunning will beat brawn. Do it right, and you'll see the final term. Do it wrong, and you'll see the ceiling... And always, always, always, check for changes. (New sections show up in strange places.) Update tweaks lots of stuff, including ammo/monster placement, terms, layout... much improved! (Which i...


A 2-level solo map. Wow-this one's pretty impressive. The terms leave a little to be desired, but the author is Japanese, so be gentle. (They're at least understandable.) The level design, however... very, very nice. The last room will keep you busy for quite a while, unless you're a very adroit sidestepper. Classy use of solid transparent walls... If at any point, you feel lost, go back and check a previously sealed door, or broken switch. Also available from its own web page.

Welcome to the Arena

A three-level solo map. Hmm... it's big, but it often felt like I was running through the same areas again and again (even when I wasn't). There's a lot to kill, but finding the ammo/weapons you need can be frustrating. Beware of the second level on slower machines... you get an absurd number of baddies in an open area.