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AG3: Retribution

A large netmap designed for multiplayer carnage. The focal point is a medium sized circular water pool, but most of the action will be taking place in the surrounding rooms and corridors. No shortage of ammo on this one. There's a lot of aliens and friendlies placed in this map, so it would also make a fun solo practice level.

Ain't Talking About Death

A large square net-level. A head height ledge runs around the outside wall reached by four elevators. The center of the level is more enclosed (lower ceilings) with a pillar containing three shield rechargers. Game play is fast and furious - even more so due to the merged 'speed-up' physics model.

Aye D'No (evil)

Up, down, around, and around. And around. Lots of staircases, lots of tight passageways, but plenty of open space, as well.

B-Blazer Collection V1.0

A pair of net levels that you'll either love or hate. The first is a simple arena, a wide walkway around the outside and eight narrower walkways crossing over a deep lava pool. All the textures are set to slide/wander causing some disorientating effects, although with the amount of ammo available, you'll be too busy killing each other to notice. The second level consists of two large square areas - one is made up from 8 rooms surrounding a central hill, and the second from various corridors and water columns. Teleporters link the two. Again, the texturing uses slide/wander and landscape for floors and ceilings (as well as some untextured sides).

Battle at Volar Tempest

Designed for team-play, this is a port of the M2 level Assault: Bunker Attack! to Infinity. The idea here is to enter the opposing teams base and activate four switches that will sound a siren to signify the winning team. This version extends the map by adding more routes into each base, and some other mainly cosmetic changes (also removes the need for IZD).

Brighter than Light

A large, wide-open square space with a hill at the center of one side. Access is either along vulnerable ledges, or via a platform right in front of the hill, activated by a switch behind the hill. Plenty of ammo and weapons.

Crow Bobs

Patches bobs to look like the title character from the movie, The Crow. Basically just puts a black-and-white face mask on bob. A pretty complete patch, as far as it goes... the dead bob still has the mask. Hard to see from a distance.

Dark Skies Below (evil)

Arena type play, large area should support 6-8+ players. Transport Room along with scattered teleporters. Elevators, stairs, no rechargers but life canisters for your refreshment.

DFunct Net Maps V1.0

A collection of 14 small to medium arenas (well, the last 6 are variations on a theme). All of these are free flowing and designed for fast games play, with very few places for lurkers to hide out. All game modes are supported in here and there's range of map styles (under water, 'flat' areanas, multi level etc.) that should provide something for everyone.

Erodrome Beta

From one of the more innovative TC developers comes this enormous protoscenario. It's a beta version, so there are stil some rough areas...

Faner Hall

Technically, a 3 level netmap. The first consists of a small room in which all players start, and an a small outside arena hovering in the sky. This would get too packed for more than 3-4 players (oh, and make sure players drop items, otherwise you run out of weapons very fast). Level 2 is where the action is. A 'reconstruction' of two floors of the authors University building, with varying degrees of accuracy. Lots of of rooms and corridors, and a funky Mac lab if you install the included sound patch. This will handle 8 players in all game modes - the Hill is located in the disco/Ma...

Friend to the Wall v1.0

Feels like it was inspired by Carnage Palace DeeLuxe. (Except the lighting is a bit less interesting, and the weapons are really hig-volume.) Nice flow, should be high carnage rates. Author says, "watch your back!" It's good advice...


A 4 (or 1, depending on how you count) level solo map. Some interesting architecture... mostly interesting architecture, actually, since there's no plot, and little to kill. Fun to figure out, though... I didn't like the first (and 3rd and 4th) levels-too much like Colony Ship.

Gilligan's Island

A medium sized arena with the hill on an island surrounded by water. Most of the water is waist deep making attacks this way fairly unsuccessfull - far easier to jump from one of the three surrounding towers. Some nasty suprises if you use the wrong teleport or hang about for too long on the towers.

GNZU-7 Combat Chainsaw

A package with a shapes patch, a sounds patch, and a physics model to give you the chainsaw from Doom. Not having ever played Doom (yes, I admit it), I can't say how faithful the reproduction is, but it looks and works pretty well.

Hank's Place

A small net level made up from various sized passageways. Flow seems quite good. There's a recharger at one end reached by a fairly slow platform and dangerously open to opponents. Set up for EMfH play for 2-4 players.

Hip Hop, Then You Fall

A flat, medium sized netmap consisting of an enclosed arena with a number of doorways leading through to additional corridors. Fairly simple, fast flowing design that's set up for all net modes for 2-6 players.


A large open space with a raised hill, some underwater area, and a few side passages. Beware-looking out the window of the side passage (towards the hill) can crash you (too many transparent lines).

Let's Get Real

Another short, no-brainer solo level. Run around and kill everything installing uplink chips along the way. If there's a plot in those terminals, it was totally lost on me. Whatever.