Created by ESPYGRFX

Battle at Volar Tempest

Designed for team-play, this is a port of the M2 level Assault: Bunker Attack! to Infinity. The idea here is to enter the opposing teams base and activate four switches that will sound a siren to signify the winning team. This version extends the map by adding more routes into each base, and some other mainly cosmetic changes (also removes the need for IZD).

Gilligan's Island

A medium sized arena with the hill on an island surrounded by water. Most of the water is waist deep making attacks this way fairly unsuccessfull - far easier to jump from one of the three surrounding towers. Some nasty suprises if you use the wrong teleport or hang about for too long on the towers.

Stone Forest

A medium sized circular arena, covered with a regular grid of tall pillars (the stone forest). The center of the arena contains a shallow water filled trough forming the hill with shield rechargers on either side. Suicide rates are bound to be high. Watch for the teleporters to get a better vantage point over the arena.

Lunatics Lounge

A very tall 3-tiered map, with elevators and secret staircases leading from tier to tier. A few bugs (missing textures, that sort of thing), but nothing fatal.