Created by Tobias Merriman

Faner Hall

Technically, a 3 level netmap. The first consists of a small room in which all players start, and an a small outside arena hovering in the sky. This would get too packed for more than 3-4 players (oh, and make sure players drop items, otherwise you run out of weapons very fast). Level 2 is where the action is. A 'reconstruction' of two floors of the authors University building, with varying degrees of accuracy. Lots of of rooms and corridors, and a funky Mac lab if you install the included sound patch. This will handle 8 players in all game modes - the Hill is located in the disco/Ma...


Let's hear it for goofy! Your AI 'Roy' has his picture in the term; a plate featuring two fried eggs and a couple of curly bacon strips, looks happy to us! This scenario is funny! Opening music, 'Space Cowboy' by the worst Steve Miller impressionist you ever heard (ow!). And the Map is very good, interesting, convoluted to a certain extent, but Fun! A prison where they let the prisoners keep their weapons, oh yeah, that's a good idea! Describes the main bad guy, a Hunter, as looking like a "big Smurf on Crack". Two levels here. Highly recommended, lots to do.

Everybody Samba!!!

Everybody Samba!!! consists of two medium sized arenas with a couple of smaller side rooms. One of the arenas contains a raised tower as the hill. Ammo was initially tight, but in the previous update it was more evenly distributed - it's still fun trying to get to the heavy stuff in the Exploda-BoB room while watching your back for other players. This version changes the level to the Jjarro texture set and adds sounds.