Created by Ilkka Koski

Ain't Talking About Death

A large square net-level. A head height ledge runs around the outside wall reached by four elevators. The center of the level is more enclosed (lower ceilings) with a pillar containing three shield rechargers. Game play is fast and furious - even more so due to the merged 'speed-up' physics model.

Primal Chaos

A small rectangular arena with a door in each corner leading to an encircling corridor where teleporters will transport you back to ledges overlooking the arena. Due to it's small size, pretty high carnage rates are achieved. Suitable for 2-4 players.

Everyone is dead but me v0.9

A very simple net map that is still under development....It is based on "Everyone is Mortal", This one would be good for a couple of players or via NetLink.