Created by Mike Neylon

M2 Dark Side

Mike Neylon's port of his popular Light and Dark Side of the Moon. Very pretty, but the dark side isn't really dark enough.

M2 Rising Sun

Another Mike Neylon M1 port. I like the textures better than the original...


Another Mike Neylon port of a very good M1 map... I love the new textures!

V8 v2.0

A port of the popular M1 map. Mike's done a great job with this-sewage works great here!

Downward Spiral

Another MKN map. A central pit with lots of baddies, and a spiral ramp up to the weapons... Easy to get down, pretty tough to get up.

MKN Maps v4.0

21 maps. The four new ones are available separately on this page (if you just downloaded the last version). A collection of all the maps done by Michael Neylon so far. None are very large, but they tend to be good net levels. A couple of the new ones are maps found on the novelty page, redone to be playable...


You start in a pretty open arena, but switches really tighten things up...


Mike Neylon's first attempt at a "Bungie-esque" level. Large central arena, with lots of tight passageways on the fringes.

World Wide Web v2.0

World Wide Web (above), with a twist. now the nodes are elevators, and travel can occur on two levels...


A large, lava-filled room with the good stuff in the center. The only way in is a very narrow walkway that comes up with some switches...