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"Pure of Heart, Brown of Trousers"

Another totally engrossing map from Tony Smith (Dad, Get Me Out of This and Rescue Bob!). Still no terms, but now he knows about Hex. There's one platform that'll take a bit of work to get on...

Acid Jazz v12 v12.0

A gorgeous, sprawling level that had 10 releases in 36 hours (mostly little tweaks). This one needs lots of people... but worth a look even if your net group is small. More little tweaks...

ArenaFest v1.0

Three maps. Pretty nice arenas... a few small bugs (smearing in a couple of places), but nothing serious. The third arena has really nice flow.


Just what it sounds like. Go outside... lots of secrets out there. Watch the traps, though...

Drop Zone

Just a kill-everything-that-moves map... again, a good stress reliever.

Feel The Burn v2

A flamethrower level. For those who like the flamethrower (obviously). The best part of this is opening it up in Pfhorte. Has the most unjustifiably pompous (bar none) readme I've ever seen.


2 levels. The AI's kind of fun, but the levels are a bit linear-even the maze parts.

King of the Pit

A large map, designed for (a pretty nasty) KOH game. The hill is a small, deep pit... Once you commit, you're in there until someone kills you. Pretty cool recharger... (it's not in the pit.)

Netmap v1.0

A pretty simple arena. The sewage channels are deeper than they look.

StormBull's Maps

5 maps. 3 M1 conversions (maps they liked), and two originals.The conversions are quite well done. The originals rely pretty heavily on teleporters...