Created by Eric Jorgensen

Close Quarters v1.0b

A tiny arena, with small rooms and passageways around the outside. Nicely laid out, with a switch that converts the whole thing from daytime lighting to dusk. Comes in two versions-the second one has the central hill raised, making for a better KOH game.

Dave's World

A medium-sized map, made up of a series of small rooms and passageways. Lots of explodabobs in tight spaces...

Glitter Dome v1.0

Claustrophobic. One big room, a bunch of too-small ones... and lots of ways to blow yourself up. Jarring textures, as well... Should appeal to the Carnage Palace Deee-luxe crowd.

Bad Omen v1.3

Several small, interconnected rooms. Sniper positions tend to be below a level, rather than above... pretty fun. 1.1 update added quite a bit of new space (including an out-of-the-way arena), and changed the alien balance. 1.3 update aligns textures, adds lots of water, and seems to decrease total alien population. This is no longer a small map.

Ashes in your Mouth

An arena with a pit. There's an elevator to get out of the pit, but it gets harder to hit after it's been hit once... Comes in two versions, of varying complexity. (One works better on 040's.)

Devil's Island vb1

2 maps, sort of variations on a theme. Simple arenas, but with ledges and dropoffs that provide cover. Pretty nice for small groups... Upgrade adds an online readme (it's in a (bunch of?) terms), and a few other tweaks. Poetry during netplay... a new concept.

Crown of Worms v1.6

A little strange-walls hanging here and there, doors designed not to open, enemies you can't get to-but for a small game, the flow should be okay. (Update is mostly tweaks.)

Slaughter v2.0

Simple torus. Comes in two flavors-net play (watch the inside room) and solo play (lots and lots and lots of exploding bobs).