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4th Dimension

Another play on the Portals idea... Double waldo worlds. Where'd he go?

Blessed and Broken

Huge. Lots of juggernauts, hulks, etc. Had a few bad polys, which I fixed... comes with a film showing the creator and a buddy getting wasted by aliens.

Ender vs. Meta

A large arena, continuing on the theme of 5D portals. The wall textures might hurt your eyes...


A very simple map, but with a lot of potential. You start at the top, outside, and the only way to go is down and inside... very little room to maneuver, so he who shoots best wins.


A large, bisymmetrical level. Set up to look like a fortress. Easy to become disoriented at first, but once you've figured out your way around, the flow's pretty good. Watch the doors in the river!

Suicide v14

Five more, two modified Bungie maps and three new ones. This is the best batch in a while... If you aren't light on your feet and accurate with your shots, you'll end up very, very, dead.

Twin Towers

Very big, and way too many secrets (most of which you'd never find on your own). Luckily, a film is included...


Waldo World, but the arena walls have been mapped over with the space texture. Ledges are still lit, though...