Created by Tim Swihart

Super Mara Macros

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Maramacros above, these add tweaks like hundreds of spanker shots per clip, or grenades, or whatever... 13x shields... extravision, infravision, invisibility... you name it. Works best with v6.5.3 of MacsBug.

Mara Macros 1.2

These are really, really cool if you're into cheating. They're MacsBug macros that allow you to give yourself unlimited health, ammo, weapons, oxygen... all from within M2, without needing to edit a saved game. (Ever wanted to waste those first 8 bobs with a spanker blast? Now you can!) Comes in two flavors, 68K and PPC. The 68K ones are a piece of cake to install-create the proper folder (if it doesn't already exist), drop in the macros, and reboot. The PPC version actually requires a bit of work, but there are step-by-step, very explicit instructions to guide you. If you're not afraid of...