Created by Naoki Yokoyama (nao)

Marathon Universal Patcher v3.5

Actually modifies your Marathon app to change your starting setup. You can add invincibility, weapons, ammo, health, oxygen... and you can add a save anywhere key (for both PPC and 68K!). Works on all marathon versions through Infinity 1.5. By the author of the various M2 film patchers.

M2 Film/Save File Converter

Gets around a bug in M2 that causes the wrong ID to be recorded in a film or saved game. Ever returned to a saved game, and have it jump to the corresponding Bungie level when you advanced? This program will fix that problem!

Marathon Film Renamer v1.2

Allows drag and drop renaming of films, including level and game type. This is very convenient for people that are storing alot of films and have no idea which level they go with. This will allow you to name and keep, hopefully just a little better tract. Handles the M2 bug where the film on the non gathering machine records the wrong map ID. Also works on M1 maps. Update now works with Infinity maps as well, it will let you mix or match M1-2-Infinity films!!

Marathon 2 Film Handling Patcher

Does just what the Film Patcher does, but by patching your Marathon app instead. Get this one if you watch a lot of films-you won't have to edit each one.

Marathon 2 Film Patcher

Will allow you to post-patch films to put everyone on the same team, so that you can watch from any point of view. Pick the shirt color, too...