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About Terminals v1.7.97

This is now updated. A crash bug when merging was found and updated and now it comes with a example map. This is in html profile so you will need to use your browser on some of it.

Cap N Crunch v1.1

A very large diamond shaped map with some really nice lighting detail in the middle. The middle of the map has lighted platforms that make for some very interesting hiding areas. The upper platforms are accesed by teleporters. The light detail is very good in this one. ) The most impressive part of this map is the lighting....some good ideas here. One secret--it's worth finding. Now only one level, the update takes the 2nd level off...(which was basically just the same)

Hot Handed God of Cops v1.0.3

A very well-built level, reminiscent of the quality of Bungie M1 net levels. Flow is superb, weapons are nicely balanced, all play styles are accomodated. This was originally designed with M2 textures, and needed serious reworking to look good with the new Infinity sewage textureset. (It still looks better in the M2 version, included.) On the other hand, the Infinity version contains a KKV... Update fixes a bug that kept Kill the Man with the Ball from working, tweaks gameplay, and adds a true M2 version.

Marathon Film Renamer v1.2

Allows drag and drop renaming of films, including level and game type. This is very convenient for people that are storing alot of films and have no idea which level they go with. This will allow you to name and keep, hopefully just a little better tract. Handles the M2 bug where the film on the non gathering machine records the wrong map ID. Also works on M1 maps. Update now works with Infinity maps as well, it will let you mix or match M1-2-Infinity films!!