Created by Dan Preston

Hot Handed God of Cops v1.0.3

A very well-built level, reminiscent of the quality of Bungie M1 net levels. Flow is superb, weapons are nicely balanced, all play styles are accomodated. This was originally designed with M2 textures, and needed serious reworking to look good with the new Infinity sewage textureset. (It still looks better in the M2 version, included.) On the other hand, the Infinity version contains a KKV... Update fixes a bug that kept Kill the Man with the Ball from working, tweaks gameplay, and adds a true M2 version.

Never Forever 1.0

It's the week for solo scenarios, I guess... Here's a four-level spinoff of the Bungie universe. Map design is quite good on all levels (there may be some problems for 040 players on level 3-too much stuff). The story progresses well for the first two levels, then seems to become a Bungie derivative (I felt like I was listening to a juvenile Durandal). It ends with a bang, though. (You are gonna get SO lost on level 2...)

Check out the digestible chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces...