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Compound Pfhracture v1.1

Square, and symmetrical in gameplay. Easy to get lost at first, but not too bad to learn. Two levels, with many ways between them... Nice central bridge area. Update tweaks textures and object placement.

Foreign Legion 2.0

This map is the reason I got 3 maps tested this evening, instead of 20. Very pretty to look at, with a really well-thought-out story (well-written, even!), and great monster/ammo placement. This one'll keep you on your toes... The only faults I'd list are a few trapping polys (polys you can't get out of once you get in), and one set of bad doors (always keep an older saved game around-otherwise you'll do what I had to do, and start over). Definitely worth playing-this one's great.

In Your Pfhace

Just what it sounds like. A small arena, with both elevators and water columns to move up and down. Really fast-paced... and it looks nice, too.

Lava Extreme!

A simple net level, probably best with two players. A couple of ledges are separated by a lava pit. One player can control the lava, and teleporters from one side to the other are at the bottom... just make sure your opponent's nowhere near the switch when you jump in.

Never Forever 1.0

It's the week for solo scenarios, I guess... Here's a four-level spinoff of the Bungie universe. Map design is quite good on all levels (there may be some problems for 040 players on level 3-too much stuff). The story progresses well for the first two levels, then seems to become a Bungie derivative (I felt like I was listening to a juvenile Durandal). It ends with a bang, though. (You are gonna get SO lost on level 2...)

Check out the digestible chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces...

The Junkyard 1.2

A ten-level solo scenario, and a net level (Lava Extreme, also available separately) Some of the levels are bigger than others, but except for the last one, you can run through the whole thing in under an hour. The story revolves around Durandal and Tycho, but they're not the Durandal and Tycho you know... Use IZD on an 040. (The last level shows what happens when you give someone All Roads Lead to Sol and DOPE and tell them, "make a level kind of like this one, but with more monsters.")