Created by Luca Uggeri

Return of the Cyborg

A sequel to Foreign Legion 2.0. One level, with the ending leaving an opening for one more level. Very heavy on the puzzles... very nicely constructed. Enormous. Author expressed concern that the bar keeps being raised for quality, but he needn't worry just yet... This is another winner.

Foreign Legion 2.0

This map is the reason I got 3 maps tested this evening, instead of 20. Very pretty to look at, with a really well-thought-out story (well-written, even!), and great monster/ammo placement. This one'll keep you on your toes... The only faults I'd list are a few trapping polys (polys you can't get out of once you get in), and one set of bad doors (always keep an older saved game around-otherwise you'll do what I had to do, and start over). Definitely worth playing-this one's great.