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Another Brick in the Wall

Basically, two rooms, separated (and enclosed) by a wall wide enough to snipe from. There are also three lookout areas that don't seem to serve any purpose at all...


A port of You Don't Need to See My ID. Some hallways (claustrophobic in the M1 version) are now wide enough for three people abreast... and at least one semi-open room has become seriously tight.

EvenFlow v2

Three maps. A major Juggie in every one (well, at least one...). Despite that (does my bias against monsters in net levels show?), these are relatively playable... except for the first one. (DON'T leave the main arena...) The third one's actually quite intricate... Update adds a fourth level (pretty simple, but quite fun).

No Parole

Two maps. The first is also the new map in Evenflow2. The second is a seriously frenetic multilevel circular arena. Pretty nice use of Alien textures...

Return of the Cyborg

A sequel to Foreign Legion 2.0. One level, with the ending leaving an opening for one more level. Very heavy on the puzzles... very nicely constructed. Enormous. Author expressed concern that the bar keeps being raised for quality, but he needn't worry just yet... This is another winner.


A large, (technically) symmetrical level, with open, well-lit spaces, dark rooms, and some tight maze areas. Good for bigger groups.

Wrath of Tycho 2.0

Tycho didn't die when his ship crashed... and now he's back, and he's pissed. He wants you dead. The levels here are not easy, but they tend to be tough not because of good planning, but because of overwhelming numbers of baddies, and lack of ammo. 6 or 7 blue hunters at a time, e.g. Update adds much better term text, a new level, and some tweaks.