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Ruiners Map Pak

6 Levels-a couple of them have the best light sets I have seen yet. When these first came to me they were in a different I will try to get the order right in the descriptions: 1) Anythings Possible-Media level with water cannons, various net play possible. 2) ArchiTorture-(I hope this is right) a space arena with a cool trick....some obstacles slow the flow down-rectangluar in design 3) EgneHenotS: the best light sets I have seen to date. Get this just to look at these lights. (study the name a minute and see if you can figure out what the construction is based on) 4)The Pain ...


A well designed large net level. Designed in the outline of a shamrock, this map was constructed very well. Flow is good, the lighting is bright and the overall design is well open for those that like some room to maneuver. KOH and KTMWTB would work very well with this one and with 2 to 3 it would be pretty slow. Two exposed, well elevated switches that control the secrets and media. Other than that, wide open, fast and ready for carnage. Sounds are limited and textures are well selected. I found a couple of unstable polys but I had to really hunt for them..other than that, mostly error free.

Spanker Bobs

I have had this patch for about a month now. It was sent to me and for some reason I never got it up. To the author I apologize. This is probably one of the cleanest jobs I have seen yet.

Power Ranger Defence Drones

As you can tell from the shot....this is a patch that you can really have some fun with. Although the patch really is not all the good until the Ranger is bothered, it is still not all that bad.

Amazon vs Robertas

From the authors web page... Roberta, the female bob, is now ARMED AND DANGEROUS!! Sometimes she fights with you and sometimes she fights against you. Amazon Fighters are now ported into Infinity.

Babs Deluxe!

Okay folks, here is another one...but I must say this has been done very, very well. This patch comes with a sound patch, shapes patch and a map. This patch will turn those innocent civilian bobs into BabS!

Female Cyborgs

There seems to be a run on female shape patches lately and now this one takes the cake. No harm intended here, this is really a fine job and the author has spent some time with even the colors.

Forge and Anvil Tutorials v1.0.2

These are the updated tutorials that comes with the Anvil/Forge 1.0.2 update. I know I didn't include them in the file that is uploaded at MidWest and I haven't seen them anywhere except at Bungie's server. These go along with the 1.0.2 updates that came out not too long ago.


A small arena/pit surrounded by two rings, with only one having window access to the arena. Some of the best detail work with this texture set yet! There are two ammo rooms off of the upper ring that should lead to lots of carnage. The upper ring and rooms are accessible by transporters and thank you Mike Holder, for making a way out of the pit. Many of the pit arena maps I have seen lately does not provide you a way out of the pit, this transporter should provide for some high carnage and some extra life. Check out the dynamics with this one, it is worth the download.

Fear of Falling

For as large as this level is, it really was impressive on how fast it still was. This thing just about maxes out the limit on sight lines with the marathon engine. In one way, this could be a water arena with the ring that runs down at a lower level around it. Or, it could be a good king of the hill with the use of the teleporters and the splendid hill that has the great view in the screen shot! This map has it all, I will not spoil it by describing everything it contains. It comes with a film and is merged with a physic model that affects the bobs. I will try this out with our net heads ...

M2 Film/Save File Converter

Gets around a bug in M2 that causes the wrong ID to be recorded in a film or saved game. Ever returned to a saved game, and have it jump to the corresponding Bungie level when you advanced? This program will fix that problem!


What a beautifully designed net level. The colors in this one caught my attention right from the start. Using the new Infinity textures in unlikely places is what make this one different. Alot of corners and zigs and zags that slows the flow down, but all in all still a well designed level. There are some secrets here and the light tricks in some spots are strategically placed. A good map for KTMWTB as will as other modes of net play.

Borzz Shapes 1.1

This is a shapes patch that will give you some new textures to work with. You will still have the Infinity textures plus some great outdoor ones to work with.

Lysander XB71

A brilliant solo effort!!!! I have played this one all day trying to get to the end of it. I am just about there but I decided to stop and get it posted for everyone else. A two level, (well the first one is informational) solo map with some very creative and very good artwork. I really don't care if it is just a symbol, it is very refreshing to see something in a terminal other than the Bungie picts. This map is full of unexpected surprises, built on the tradition of the M2 levels, it will take you a while before you finally figure out what is shootin' at you.

Open the Pod Bay Doors, Hal! v1.1.7

Two maps come with this one. One for solo play and one for net play. A well designed circular type level with a large rectangular area on a lower floor. (The Pod Bay) And wait until you see the floor in the bay area!!! A few good tricks here with lighting, etc. The upper area is a large hall with a outer ring that wraps around it. Some slow doors, but they can be used to your advantage. The textures on the walls in the ring that surrounds the main hall really work well with the lighting sets. At times it looked like they actually took on different colors. (light sets) Really a nice map, go...

Pain Is My Girlfriend

This is a update of a previously posted map. But, somehow it never really got posted. I recently came back across it on a zip disk and the author (a old friend from my aol days), emailed me and brought it to my attention. A small level that has now been updated to include a bit more ammo. Flow is good in the main area of the rectangular hall, but there are some doors that you will have to manuver through. Some great sniper posts in this one. Texture choices will make you keep a sharp eye out for "net heads"

Stinkfist 1.0

As you can tell from the screenshot, this is yet another good net map from still the only author really using Anvil to some of it's capabilities. A medium sized net map that fits EMFH and KTMWTB. With this map you also get a shapes patch that gives you some great outdoor type textures along with the Infinity textures. You get grass, dirt, bricks, blocks, school type lockers and the list goes on....... I only found two secrets with this one, flow is great, a great RR type crossing in the middle, should provide for some fast carnage.

Surgical Strike

Level 3 of the Codename Genesis Trilogy. This by far is the authors best yet. His first two maps Codename Genesis and Postcard from Valhalla should be played before this one. The story line continues and is one of the best yet, but, you need the first two installments for all of it to piece together.

All Roads Lead to Hell

A large net level that had a few texture problems. Alot of passageways that reminded me of the tunnels in M-2 Arrival. Again the maze is confusing but some good ideas here...