Created by Eric Lupon


A well designed large net level. Designed in the outline of a shamrock, this map was constructed very well. Flow is good, the lighting is bright and the overall design is well open for those that like some room to maneuver. KOH and KTMWTB would work very well with this one and with 2 to 3 it would be pretty slow. Two exposed, well elevated switches that control the secrets and media. Other than that, wide open, fast and ready for carnage. Sounds are limited and textures are well selected. I found a couple of unstable polys but I had to really hunt for them..other than that, mostly error free.

CrossHair/Death Becomes Him

Two net levels in one package. The first, called Crosshair is a basic king of the hill map with some pretty cool twists. There are switches located around the outside ring that fills the hill area with lava, or elevates and/or lowers the platform around it and just elevates paths to the hill. We found this one fun for tozt'n some of the players in my group but ammo was scarce. It was hard to find a weapon and ammo sometimes..The spnkr is located in the middle but to get to it you will need to jump into pit...some good ideas but a little dark at times.. The second level IMO was much better....