Created by Mike Holder

Dusk 'till Dawn

Great flow, great lights, very good construction and some very good object placement. To be honest when I first opened it, I said well ok, another media level. (and I really don't care for media levels) ...BUT, don't be so fast to judge......This one has some great design to it and for the size of it, it is quite fast........ Get It!!!!!! Enough said........(as you can tell I thought this one was pretty good!!!!) (Another one for a HOF, if I had it) BTW-once you start to play it you will understand why it is called Dusk till Dawn...


A small arena/pit surrounded by two rings, with only one having window access to the arena. Some of the best detail work with this texture set yet! There are two ammo rooms off of the upper ring that should lead to lots of carnage. The upper ring and rooms are accessible by transporters and thank you Mike Holder, for making a way out of the pit. Many of the pit arena maps I have seen lately does not provide you a way out of the pit, this transporter should provide for some high carnage and some extra life. Check out the dynamics with this one, it is worth the download.

Oval Elevations v1.1

Lots of media with this large net map: From the readme A carnage level only. One secret passage, in the water that leads to stairs going up to a platform overlooking the central area. The first step after the turn to the left is a teleporter to a ledge with some goodies on it. Should hold 8 OK.

Defendence v1.0

This one is built with some great construction ideas: From the read me--- The idea is teamwork - two forts, blue and red, either to play team carnage or kill the team with the skull. Enough said!!!!!!!!

Hamburger Hill v1.2

This one will support all types of play and IMO is visually one of the best, construction wise. A large square arena that surrounds a hill, or tower if you will. It is accessible from all sides by elevators. This one will support up to 8 players and the sniper ports, ledges are really constructed with some great taste.. Certainly worth the download...

Hide and Seek v1.0

This map is designed for KTMWTB (skull) or KOH. It is large with a lot of secrets. Some of the secrets leads to ammo stashes and/or some really great sniper posts. There are death type hallways that can make you real easy pick off objects if anyone is on one of these sniper posts. The map is merged with a built in physics model that is pretty cool. Should keep you busy but would be only good with large numbers or with teams..Some different construction tricks on this one, water chutes (towers) that will aide you with elevation tricks..

Frank Will Die... v1.1

A large net map that has all types of net play offered. Lighted square arena, with some secrets. A dark screen arena, you control the lights with some secrets and a square media filled arena with some secrets. This map contains alot of frills and is basically just a wide open shoot em up. Lot's of room for manuvering and some tricks to help you out. Ammo is plentiful, but with 5 to 8 players it would probably get thin...Everything can be found on this map from dark sniper posts to hidden napalm!! An update of a previous map..This version adds some tweaks and their are hidden areas...