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This is defintely a large net map!!!!! If you have any eyesight troubles then I strongly suggest you don't try this map. I found myself squinting to try to see the other net player. Biddle is a map that is a very large cylinder looking arena with many lighted sniper ledges at different heights located in the walls. The problem is that the whole map is pitch black and the sniper ledges are lighted. Transporters gets you to the ledges and watch out!! Even on low res., my net partner was able to see me. Lots of carnage with this one...Construction ideas are pretty good but way too dark.


A very well constructed net level. The author gives some insight that the map might of have been rushed to complete, but some great construction ideas here. Well probably hold up to 4 real well, the elevators in the middle of what I thought make up the "Christmas Tree", came in real useful. Try it and see what you think. Update fixes a few poly problems...