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Animated Objects

This is nothing more then a text file that I picked up on AGM. It was a response from James Hastings Trew to a post asking about the animation of scenery with Norton Disk Editor. I snagged it and decided that if anyone was interested they could grab it too.


A great new net map by the leader of the Nardo Team. This map, created and inspired by the great monument, Stonehenge, fits very well with the Tempus game. The textures fit very well and once you play it, I think you will agree. I really did enjoy the Tempus game, and this map is a "fresh" look for Marathon.

Tempus Irae v1.1

With its gorgeous textures, intricate plotline, superb artwork ,and flat-out fantastic gameplay, this total conversion has set itself upas the one to beat.

Cursed Whirl Womb

Based on the water texture set...ported over to the evil application. This map used chisel and he did a pretty job with it. Water chutes and fast currents make you plan you routes carefully and well in advance. Built in physics will help the nuke cannon.


A very good KoTH map. A large square arena surrounded by three enclosed hallways. A large ring wraps around the whole map and is elevated and exposed. Some very nice lighting effects with this one and the chip will expose some much wanted ammo and shield recharges.

From Up Out Da Earth

A very dark, large and sprawling net level. Evil has a default of a dark set when the game starts...combined with this level it is DARK! There are lights and this level would be great for the "sniper" type player. Some ideas with strategies in mind...

Saturday Night Pfhever

Visually a stunning map. Some very nice lighting and texturing in this level. It can be used for solo pratice, or as a net level. As a net level it is a large arena surrounded by some strange and neat effects. Worth the download....The wanted poster was a pretty neat trick.

Trojan Spoiler Guide

Here it is!! For all of you that has emailed me along with the posts on agm. This has been compiled by Josh, Chris and Hamish Sanderson. This file is put together in open doc format.

Lun v1.01

A circular arena surrounded by a elevated ring. There is a small central hill that is enclosed by another ring that is acessed by jumping from the outer ring. This map sports some very good light sets along with some nice texturing. A fast, KotH map that will also support EmFH.

Many Maps

Many maps is the title of this pak and it describes it the best. There are 20 maps here and some of them, which I liked, are small enough for 2 to 3 players. Lots of levels here.....and some real nice ideas!

Marathon Atlantis Gold

A new scenario for the Infinity engine. 6 solo levels and 3 net levels are included in this pak. You will encounter some strange things with this map...

Outpost Isni v1.b

A very good solo evil map. This thing is the definition of "non-linear". I really enjoyed some of the level design. I have had this file for some time but have not posted due to a bug that is now fixed.

Waldo and the Yetis

Two very large oval arenas that are connected with a enlcosed ring that wraps around the larger arena. At first, you would think that this is very close to Marathon , but the extra arena makes it a bit unique. Walking along the edge of the outdoor arena, I got some weird effects when I turned towards the wall....but it didn't hamper the game any. Supports most net modes along with co-op and even solo.


A large so called "village" with buildings that are surrounded by streets. This level is wide open and you will find your self lonely unless you are in a big group. The buildings give you hiding areas, sniper perches and some secrets. Supports all net modes and comes in two versions. One at day and one at night.


A fairly large net level built with the pfhor/alien texture set. Starting points are located in small, enclosed "bunkers" that open up to the map. Some 5-D with this one along with some pretty neat tricks..Light sets are pretty good and they are set to help some of the players if you are in the right spot at the right time. Most net modes supported....except KoTh. A couple of secrets worth finding and it will easily hold eight. More of the authors maps can be found at hisweb page.

La PetiteCarnagerie

A very interesting level..I spend a hour just trying to figure out how to get to the elevated areas. I will admit I finally went into Forge and got my answer. A very big oblong arena divided into three areas. A great map for EmFH. There is a secret in this one..look at the screenshot for a clue.

LSD in the Water Supply

A medium sized KotH net map best suited for 3-6 players. The hill is reached via teleporter that is in the water. A very tight level and should work great with small groups.

Space Popcorn

Outdoor arenas in space is a good way to describe this level. This level is supposed to be similiar to the pre ride areas at Disney World in Florida. Just visiting there, I tried very hard to find the similiarties. Wasn't able to, but, some of the design ideas of this level are very good. The teleporter will take you to a pretty neat area...

Carpal Tunnel

If you looking for some fast carnage with small to medium sized groups, then this map is for you. The author boasts of 284 kills with a 6 man group in less than 10 minutes with this map. A vertical, very linear two level tunnel built on the lava texture set. Fast paced fun with this one...

In Enemy Hands v1.2

A great KOtH map. Lava based level with a central hill that is accessible by running across some lava. Some sniper mini-hills around the main hill that provide for a hard task to stay on top. There are alot of directions to protect from in this one, so be prepared. Aliens are included for solo play. This level might be misnamed so be watching for a update.